The Mystery of Snake

Snake Blood

Snake blood and mahogany, mahogany flower, star gooseberry mixed, as clear blood medicine, health care enhance the immune function of human body, because there is a kind of protein named Notechris scutatus can be immune to snake, In addition the snake blood can be used to reduce high blood pressure medicine.

Cobra Marrow

The cobra marrow can be used as one of components of cancer drugs, in addition it can be with the Thailand kaempferiae, sesbania grandiflora Ficus sarmentosa var henryi derries, Thailand wild kudzu root made into health kidney drugs which can treat kidney disease example the symptoms of functional weakness numbness back pain insomnia forgetful memory loss tinnitus and hair loss.

Cobra Meat

The cobra meat, snake Ophiophagus hannah's reproductive organs and andrographis paniculata Leucaena mixed can treat cough with abundance of phlegem pneumonia allergic asthma bronchitis pharyngitis.

Python Fatty Oil

Python fatty oil and andrographis, silver flower, licorice. Thailand piper Chaba flowers, Thumb fruit mixed, that is effective for relieving cough and reducing sputum, moistening lung, pneumonia, rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, laryngitis, asthma, bronchitis, effective for treating scald, etc.