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Located at 21/30 Moo 2 in Chalong, Muang Phuket, the Phuket Biotechnology is a research and development centre for herbal medicine produced from ancient recipes using natural herbs and under the direction of its own ancient medicine experts. Licensed by the Thailand Pharmaceutical Organization, the and its products are popular among Chinese, Koreans and Russians.

Its flagship product, Ya Ngoo, or snake medicine has formally been researched for its benefits since the reign of King Rama V, in the 19th century, and based on this and further research, the drug was formally developed into a drug in Thailand, starting in 1960, by skilled personnel, including original Ya Ngoo medicine experts, herbalists and pharmacists, who, using the latest pharmaceutical production technology, combined an array of ancient herbs and snake organs into a high-quality medicinal product that has continuously been developed and perfected throughout the years to this day, approved by the Thailand Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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