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Thai snake medicine has a long history - according to historical records, since the fifth generation of imperial, Thailand has been researching the snake medicine.

Phuket Biotechnology was established in 1960, co-founded by a number of proficient in Thai herbal, pharmacists, snake experts ,on the basis of traditional research in snake medicine, combing the research in Thai herbal ,modern pharmaceutical technology, developed a series of high-quality medicines , such as 20 kinds of anti-venom serum in Thailand, by using viper serum injected into animals, then extraction of blood from the animal’s serum ,produced antibodies against the venom’s active molecule which can be harvested from the animal’s blood and used to treat envenomation. In addition, the various components of the snake body could combine with herbs in Thai producing the high quality Thai medicine. Such as, Sur Tan Wan is made with Thai cobra gallbladder and valuable Thai herbs of medicinal, it has positive effective for activates the liver and the pancreas.

In recent years, Phuket Biotechnology opened showrooms in Phuket where exhibits the drug development process and result.

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